20+ declarative APEX settings you didn't know (or forgot) existed

APEX is described as a "declarative" development tool. The declarative features of APEX let the developer worry more on "what to do" and less on "how to do it". Let's discover several declarative settings that may be under utilized or often unknown.
UTOUG Training Days 2019
(March 2019)

The Red Button: APEX Desktop Applications

Can't I just have an icon on my desktop to run the APEX application? Can the APEX application access my desktop resources? Questions like these have been asked; let's explore some possibilities. This presentation will show you how to run your APEX application as a native desktop application using Node.js and Electron.
UTOUG Training Days 2018
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APEX: Intro to Dynamic Actions

With Dynamic Actions we can declaratively define client-side functionality without a single line of JavaScript. We will discuss the basics of Dynamic Actions in Oracle Application Express and review the most common uses.
UTOUG Training Days 2017
(March 2017) View

Tools and Techniques for APEX Developers

With Application Express developers can develop with various tools and techniques. Though no one practice may be better than the rest there are several to be made aware of. This presentation will cover available tools and techniques that will make you a more productive APEX developer.
UTOUG Fall Symposium 2016
(October 2016)

APEX Application Upgrades: Out With The Old, In With The New

Do you have APEX applications that were created in previous versions of APEX? Like 4.2, 4.1, 4.0 or gasp 3.2 and older? Go beyond the upgrade advisor! Learn to replace hard to read JavaScript code with simple and declarative options, such as: Dynamic Actions, Cascading Select Lists, Quickpicks, and various plugins.
(March 2015) View

APEX jQuery Basics

Since version 4.0, APEX has included the jQuery libraries into the application development framework. A jQuery skill set is one of several skills needed for a well rounded APEX developer. This session will cover the basics of jQuery and how jQuery can be used in an APEX application. The session will also include an overview of the APEX JavaScript APIs.
UTOUG 2014 Fall Conference
(November 2014) View
RMOUG Training Days 2014
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You can't do that with APEX!

Have you been told "That can't be done with APEX!", but later find out it is actually pretty easy? Plug-ins have enabled the APEX developer a method to power boost their applications. This presentation will review various plug-ins that have made the developers life easier. Also discover a few APEX components that you may never have known existed to help with your everyday APEX development efforts .
ODTUG Kscope13
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(June 2013)
RMOUG Training Days 2013
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APEX - After the Wizards

Many new developers to APEX begin building their applications using the provided application, page, and region wizards. Often their first stumbling block is what to do beyond what the wizards have enabled them to do. A common statement made is in the form of, "I know this is easy but I don't know how to do it in APEX". This session will walk through common issues experienced by new APEX developers and how to solve them.
RMOUG Training Days 2013
(February 2013) Download
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