EberApp uses the incredible power and functionality of Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide database-centric web services and applications.

Weberize Your Data

Have a business and need to get your presence on the web? We can do that. But....need more then just some static pages that will only provide information. Need the power of a database to collect and analyze data. Yes, we can do that.

Our primary development platform is Oracle APEX. With that comes the ability to build database-centric web applications to maximize our clients' potential. More specifically, our clients usually have a plethora of spreadsheets used to run their business. Our goal has been to help them take the data in these spreadsheets and "weberize" them. Giving them access to their data from anywhere in the world, with a web browser and internet connection.

Getting Started with Oracle APEX

Have you attempted to install Oracle Apex and just can't seem to get it to work yet? Are you frustrated by the blank screen you get as you try to get to the Apex Builder?
EberApp is in the works of providing a free tool to help in diagnosing and resolving your issues in getting started with Oracle Apex.


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