I'm amazed at the growth that APEX has apparently demonstrated in the past few years.  I began working with Oracle Apex when it was known as Oracle HTMLDB.  It has been a fun ride to observe Apex grow and grow.

Back in April, Oracle released the latest Statement of Direction for Oracle Application Express.  One curious fact was this sentence:

Oracle Application Express has a large and active installed base, with over 250,000 developers creating thousands of applications.

250,000 developers?  Wow, that is a lot of developers.  250,000!!! That is near the population of a mid-size city, such as Lincoln, NE (262,341).   250,000!!! That surpasses the population of Utah state's capitol, Salt Lake City (189,899).  250,000!!! That's nearly one developer per each square mile of Texas (268,820 miles2/696200 km2).

I later visted the catalog of Consulting Companies.  It had been a while since I had visited that page (via otn Community Links and Articles) and it seems it has substantially increased. Over 100 listed companies which claim to offer Oracle Apex services and/or consulting.

I remembered a few years ago there were a couple postings and blogs about how many public Apex pages where returned by a google search.  Back in 2006 Patrick Wolf blogged about the Spread of APEX and found 162,000 entries.  Ok, that was nearly six years ago, and today a google search ( allinurl: /apex/f ) returns About 14,400,000 results